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Shear Team Connections

“Cutting Obstacles to Build Better Communities”

What Is

Shear Team Connections?

Shear Team Connections, LLC is a consulting agency that focuses on empowering workplace communities to create healthier team alignment, stronger psychological safety, and better outcomes.


Shear Team Connections' mission is to be a driving force in igniting profound transformations by tapping into your community’s collective wisdom, cultural richness, and lived expertise.


Through deliberate integration of diverse perspectives, cultural wealth is harnessed to source crowd-based answers that will lead to the development of accessible, sustainable tools and practices that amplify ambitions and drive impact.

Core Values

As the saying goes, “You’ve gotta FEEL to HEAL”.

At Shear Team Connections, F.E.E.L.-ing the work with clients, partners, and communities is a conscious decision set atop the foundation of building trust.

It is a non-negotiable essential!


Creativity and Transparency


Psychological Safety and Belonging


Belonging and Authenticity

to Strengthen Diversity

Lift Voices

to Enhance Community Building

About Founder

Chenece N. Blackshear


F.E.E.L.-ing the work with clients, partners, and community is a conscious decision Chenece has chosen with every step of her professional journey. Throughout her career she has embodied roles such as classroom instructor, educator trainer, case manager, and program director. With ever single role, Chenece has found that building trust and F.E.E.L.-ing are non-negotiable essentials. This is why and how Shear Team Connections came to be.

For over 15 years, Chenece Blackshear has been driven by her love for education, social justice, and community access work, in addition to being a staunch advocate of DEIB.

The examples of her work’s range include:

  • Developing Critical Race Theory curriculum for second-shift education programs
  • Working at San Mateo County’s Office of Diversity & Equity as a Mental Health Intern
  • Cofounder of the National BAAPA (Black, African American, Pan-African) Staff Resource Group at Year Up
  • Serving as a fellow of the Change Team – an exploratory committee dedicated to the development an antiracist framework to implement for organizational progress at Year Up
  • Facilitating performance coaching at New Manager Trainings for new hire cohorts, and Culture Cornerstones: DEIB & Antiracism at baseline orientation

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Her range in enhancing community development, cohesion, and confidence has enabled her to impact the personal, academic and professional lives of 3,000 + students, and 150+ working professionals. For Chenece, bridging the gap to strengthen workplace wellness through vulnerability, equitable expectations, and celebration of individual inputs IS what Building Better Communities is all about.

Why You Need STC!

STC knows you want to create healthier team alignment. In order to do that, you need to create an environment to pause and pace for brainstorming, problem-solving, and set proper expectations for goals. The problem is you’re pouring from an empty cup which leads to burnout, frustration, and work apathy.

STC understands you’re passionate about serving others and you desire to improve your community. You deserve to invest in yourself and have an authentic and pleasant community culture.

For over 15 years, Shear Teams Connections’ founder has been building conscious communities in the space of diversity, and coaching educators, young professionals, corporations, and organizational leaders on how to elevate and improve their communities and workplace wellness. STC is committed to be radically honest with feedback, always empower diverse voices, be an active listener to you as the expert, and bring joy to our collaboration.

Click the calendar to schedule a free discovery call to explore how we can cut obstacles to build a better workplace community.

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How Can

Shear Team Connections

Help You?

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  • Tailoring engagement practices

  • Centering learner experiences

  • Developing content frameworks
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Shear Team Connections specializes in the development and facilitation of virtual, in-person, or hybrid training and engagement.

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Equitable and Inclusive
Change making
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  • Engaging in sustainable strategies

  • Cultivating empathy

  • Mapping intersectionality
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Team Culture
Community Wellnes
  • Dismantling urgency

  • Grounding in vision work

  • Centering safety, healing, and wellbeing

  • Pathways for strategy alignment and effective expectation setting and scaffolding

  • Assessing and investing in cultural, economic, emotional, environmental, intellectual, physical and social inputs

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Experience Range:

Workshop Delivery | Discussion Facilitator Panel Moderator | Keynote Speaking | Emcee

Collaborations, Partnerships & Reviews

"Chenece has truly helped me feel empowered to be more authentic and my true self at work. I look up to Chenece and her ability to be truly, authentically real in the workplace, bringing more humanity into our day-to-day work."

-Whitney Flores, MA, Site Director (Year Up)

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"Chenece is a passionate person who knows people."

-Samantha Pettit, LPC, NCC (Praxis Counseling and Wellness)

(Sharing joy with the African American Community Services Agency after delivering specialized training)

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"Chenece, you are the example for what leaders should strive for. You model every single YU Core and Leadership value, day in and out. You have developed incredible rapport with all staff, and they know that your feedback is genuine, from a caring place, and is offered as a gift. You have established the norm and expectation that equity, inclusion and centering of women+ and BIPOC voices are not optional buzzwords; you remind us constantly that this is the heart and soul of our work."

- Audrey Rhodes-Market, MSW, Program Manager (LinkedIn)

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"Chenece, I have had the opportunity to co-facilitate the culture brokering workshop with the Diablo Valley College site and collaborate with you in other settings. I have come to appreciate your thoughtfulness and sharp insights. I celebrate you for the ways you encourage and challenge others to show up authentically. You inspire others to embrace learning and to ask how they can be of service to others"

- Dr. Onllwyn Dixon, Director of Diversity Equity, Inclusion and Belonging (Year Up)

Events + Programs

F.E.E.L Good

Do Good

Be Good Together!

The work of STC doesn’t stop at delivering workshops and trainings. Shear Team Connections aims to provide accessible programs and events for the community to ensure we walk matches our talk when we say how important it is to

“Lift Voices to Enhance Community Building” !

Stay connected with STC to learn about upcoming events and programs!

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Cutting Obstacles to Build Better Communities?

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